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The Bell family was delighted to have an opportunity to reconnect with the wonderful volunteers at ABF and welcome sweet Stella to our family! We were so fortunate to adopt from ABF in 2018 when we found our girl Sasha and felt like it was time that she had a companion to play with and who would keep her on her furry toes! Our girls have been doing great together and are loved so very much! Thank you ABF for your big hearts and for doing such a great job advocating for our furry friends!

The Bell Family


Our family waited 11 years before we got our first dog Buster (Pug) in 2009 and 1 year later we rescued Bella (shih Tzu) from a breeder. Buster developed cancer last year and in October of 2021 he passed away, our family was heart broken over the loss of our first dog. As time passed we began looking for another companion for Bella. As fate would a have it we found Spot (middle), now known as Bandit on Animals Best friends website. We had put in the application and was soon contacted for a meet and greet. Bandit is shih Tzu/Pekinese mix and a bundle of energy, he loves playing with Bella and has adapted well to the family. He has attached himself to our son and sleeps in his room every night. He knows his bedtime is around 9:30 and he starts to rub his eyes waiting for our son to come and pick him up and carry him to bed. He likes to hide under the kitchen table and his favorite toy is an orange squeak toy that looks like a Cheeto, he carries it around and makes the other dogs jealous. Soon after we ended up adopting another dog named Bentley, so now we call them the B Gang, Bella, Bentley and Bandit, they are three peas in a pod and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I would also like to say special thanks to Dianne and Terry for being so amazing thru out this whole adoption process, they were very thorough when they came out to do the meet and greet and we want to thank them for blessing us with Bandit.

The Beharry Family Romel, Shannita, Ethan, Amelia, Bella, Bentley, and Bandit


We adopted Annie earlier this year and we are so happy to have her in our family. She spends the majority of her time watching the birds and bugs outside. She likes to play with her cat brothers and to snuggle next to “Mom” at night. And, she doesn’t like to pose for family pictures so “Mom & Dad” are pictured separately.

Gary and Jane Mason


We wanted another dog to add to our family. Our Morkie was 4 years old and needed a companion to play with and keep her active. Adopting Rusty (on right) was the perfect match. We were so excited to get the call that Rusty was about to be ours. We knew the first time he was brought over to meet us, he would fit into our family just fine. He was so fluffy when we first got him. After getting him groomed, we fell in love all over as he was so tiny and cute. We felt so privileged to be chosen as his parents. Our Sophie plays well with Rusty and they get along great. Watching our two dogs run and play is so entertaining. Rusty’s foster parents, Dennis and Mary Heimsoth did a fantastic job taking care of Rusty and his brother for their first 5 months. We are so thankful and happy you chose us.

Bob and Betty Ford


Rowdy (right) completes our family! He has been a blessing. He loves going on walks daily, so much so that he will go and grab his leash and bring it to us when he is ready to head out on a walk. Our older dog Trix has grown to love him despite them being at different stages of life. His level of energy keeps us on our toes. We are all constantly laughing at him “finding things that we didn’t remember that we had.” He has gone to work with us a couple days. Everyone was oohing and ahhing over his adorable little face and personality. He’s great at night and almost fully house trained already. We are so grateful for his wonderful foster parents, Dennis and Mary for giving him such a great home and the best start in life. He really is the best dog! Thanks to ABF for allowing us the honor of adopting this sweet little guy!

With Much Appreciation, The Dublinske Family Amy, Neil, Dalton, Kierstin, Chesney, Trix and Rowdy


Bennett Barker Grow adopted our family in June 2021.  At first, our resident dog Penny wasn't too sure about him - but she has grown to love him dearly.  They spend many hours wrestling and chasing each other.  Bennett spends each day going to "Doggy Daycare" where he has made many friends.  He is very playful and still very much a puppy.  Still working on his barking - as his middle name suggests.  We could not have asked for a better boy and we are so glad he chose us! 

The Grow Family   

ben 2.jpg

We got Pam earlier this year and wanted a friendly cat. Pam exceeded our expectations of how friendly we thought a cat could possibly be. She loves and demands being picked up and pet when we return home, will sit and lay on you for hours and nap with you if you let her, and prefers to be in the same room as you are in. We wanted to get a second cat to be a friend for her-someone to spend time with while we weren’t home or when we were sleeping and hoped it would make her a little more independent.  We didn’t have the time or energy for a kitten and also loved the idea of giving a home to an adult cat, who aren’t as easily adopted as kittens. After looking at the Animal Best Friends website selection of cats we immediately picked out Mia. Our friends Kayleigh (who adopted one of Mia’s kittens) and Juanita (a volunteer at ABV) both told us that Mia was an extremely sweet cat. At the first home visit, Pam was very unhappy about another cat being in our home and would hiss or growl anytime Mia got too close to her. Mia didn’t show any signs of aggression whatsoever. We were hopeful that Pam just needed more time to adjust to not bring the only cat in our home and started a two week trial period later that week. Mia grew comfortable with us very quickly and we have still never seen her show any fighting or aggressive behaviors Pam. After several days, Pam’s hissing and growling started to be less and less and even saw them sniff each other with no vocalizations whatsoever. After a week, they would chase each other and play with one another often.  We knew at that point we would be adopting Mia and she was already a permanent member of our family. Mia loves the following:  being pet intermittently and then exploring and playing in the house, sleeping and resting near our feet on the bed or couch, looking out a windows, and playing with her sister Pam or us. Pam has become a more independent cat and we are happy she has a sister to spend time and play with when we are not home.

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