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Meet Aussie!   


This is Aussie, an Australian Sheppard mix. She’s about 5 months old. She is super sweet and very playful. She loves to throw her squeaky toys up in the air and try to catch them. She also loves other dogs of all sizes and people. She has been around a 10 year old and loved her. She loves to be held just like a baby if you want to. She is extremely food motivated and eager to learn and please her people. She is very smart, she already knows “Sit”, “down”, “outside” and “No” We are working on potty training, but she’s already making great progress and learning to love her crate. She is going to be high energy and would do best in a house with a yard and other dogs to play with or someone active that will take her on walks, runs, or hikes ect. but will also let her snuggle on the couch with you. 


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