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1. Once you decide on the animal you are interested in, click on the "ADOPT ME" button below their picture.

     The application will open in a separate window.
2. Completely fill out the application.  Please make sure that you sign your application!
3. Submit the application by clicking on the "Submit" button. You will receive an on screen confirmation.

4. Once we receive your application, it is then reviewed and the vet reference is checked.

    (This can take a couple of days.)
5. If your application is chosen, we will contact you within
5 business days.

6. If both parties feel we have made a match, we will schedule a home visit. We bring the animal you are

    interested in to your home. At that time, we interact the animal with your other animals, children, and

    adults.  We ask that everyone in the household be present for the home visit.

    NOTE: There will be no obligation by either party.
7. If everyone agrees, then we start a two week trial period with the animal at your home. 

    During the trial period, ABF will furnish necessary items (ie, crate, leash, collar, etc.) 

    The adoptive family and ABF remain in contact during the whole trial period.
10. If the trial period is a success, ABF will finalize the adoption. If either party determines that the conditions

      do not warrant placement of the dog/cat, then ABF will take the animal back. In either case, all materials

      supplied by ABF during the trial period are to be returned.  If at any time you are unable to keep your

      ABF adopted pet, we ask that the animal be returned to ABF.

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