Rusty & Rowdy_edited.jpg

Rowdy and Rusty are two of the cutest yorkie mix puppy's you ever seen. they are very small dogs.  Rowdy is around 6 lbs and Rusty is about 3 lbs. They are both little fur balls.  They are both very active...they wrestle, run, and play all day.  Rowdy has found his bark and often barks at the neighbor's dog while Rusty can bark but doesn't bark very often.


They seem to have no fears so they can't be trusted with stairs.  Both dogs can get up them quite easily but may try to jump thru the railings or roll down the steps.  Because they are so small, they will need to be watched while they are outside, due to predators, or they might find a place to squeeze out.


Both Rowdy and Rusty will require grooming on a regular basis to keep the hair out of their eyes and the hair around their bottom clean, as well as keeping their nails trimmed.

They both like chicken cut up in very small pieces, or hamburger (no grease). Some puppy food, good quality only. They don't care for the same food two meals in a row. Small meals three or four times a day.


If taken out every three or four hours, they do pretty well with their potty training. You must remember they are only babies. They are prone to chewing, which is normal so keep an eye on them, and make sure they have a lot of safe things to chew on.