Pepper was approx 4-6 months old when he was found in January 2018. He has always been kept in the house and is house broke. He love kids, especially the older ones who will go outside to play with him so he will need a big fenced yard. He loves fetching balls and other toys, but he won't bring them back to you. He expects you to fetch it where he drops it... Lol...


Pepper is not a hunting dog but he  loves to chase squirrels and rabbits, although I've never seen him catch one. He will try to climb a tree to get to the squirrel and sit there and watch it until the squirrel jumps from branch to branch to get away from him.


Pepper is a very loving dog and loves to be shown affection. He loves sleeping on the couch or in bed with you or with a kid. Treat him with love and kindness and you will have a Lifelong companion.