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Meet Noodles   

This incredibly soft and sweet AKC Registered and Microchipped Miniature Poodle answers to the name Noodles.  He is current on vaccines and heartworm medicine. He is fully potty trained using a tray with pads, perfect for those without a fenced yard.  At 10 months old the vet says he is fully grown and only weighs just under 8 lbs.  Admittedly we have let him jump on furniture to sit with us, but he trains easily and can sit on command and go to his bed (crate) when told.   Noodles deserves a home as an only dog so he can be taught to walk on a leash and have full attention and love. No children under 5 please.  He does love running on a retractable leash and harness outdoors, but would relish a fenced yard and loving home!  

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