The following is the Owners information on Flash & Capone:

Flash and Capone are 9 year old littermates, so I want them both to go to the same home.  They are male, both neutered, and have recently received their annual checkups and vaccinations (May 2021), including heartworm tests.  I can provide veterinary records for both upon request.  They have been chipped.  They are both in excellent health and are great companion dogs.  They are great with kids and other dogs.  I am not sure how they are with cats.  Included with the package deal are two wire cages with bedding (although they sleep together in one cage), two small pillow beds, one large pillow bed, four short leashes and two training (long) leashes, a dogfood container and food bowls, two metal bowls with stand for food/water, a tub of toys, and a number of dog maintenance items (clippers, brushes, etc.).  They are current on their monthly heartworm and flea medication through mid June.


Flash - about 11 pounds, very outgoing.  He loves to lead the way on walks around the neighborhood.  He's playful and loves snuggling next to you on the couch.


Capone - about 8 pounds, more reserved than Flash.  He is also a snuggler once he gets to know you.  He loves to chase toys around when they are tossed indoors.  

flash and capone.jpg