Bruno and Chuchu are brothers and have been in our family since birth.

THEY ARE A BONDED PAIR THAT NEEDS A HOME TOGETHER.  Their father was a Chihuahua and their mother a Mini-Pinscher.

Both of the dogs love to be outside on a nice warm day but they cannot take the heat too long..  They like to go outside early in the morning for a walk in the park.. I usually take them about 7 a.m. or 7:30 a.m...



He is the smaller dog of the pair..He is also the oldest at 14 years old.

He is black with a few brown markings on his legs and chest area.

He is completely blind in one eye.  But they doesn't stop him from looking out for big dogs....which by the way he loves.  He gets along well with other dogs..but he can not rough house and play with other dogs.  He is not a fan of children..but he will tolerate a small pat on the head from a small child..as long as they are not forceful. He has a loving personality....he is a very chill dog.  But smells in the kitchen does awaken a sixth sense in him.



He is the larger of the pair..He is the younger brother..being born the third pup of his moms 2nd litter.  He is 13 years old...Bruno is a caramel brown...with traces of black in his fur.  Bruno is a loverboy...He loves to be in your presence.  He has a caring protective sense...He also likes to be first..when ever its time for a snack... He kindly makes his way towards the front..even bumping his brother to the back if he need to.

He is a smart dog.  .Every since his big brother became visually challenged, he has learned how to circle around him...so that his big brother can spot him and get back to where I am standing.  All I had to say was..."go get your brother..he can't see where we are"....And bruno would run over to Chuchu.. Cross infront of him and direct him to come the right way.

Bruno will allow children to cuddle and rub on him...But he really prefers to be around the more mature older group....He has never been a fan of other dogs....he has that..I will love them from a distance attitude.