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The first dog we adopted through Animals Best Friends was Winnie.  We found her initially through PetFinder.  After a bit of research, we learned that she was currently in a foster home.  Our family discussed if it was the right time to bring a new dog home.  We had lost our beloved Cocker Spaniel, Ginger, just a few months prior.  We all agreed that at the very least, we would like to have Winnie come for a visit. That was almost 8 years ago.  We could not have asked for a more loving, sweet furry family member. Those first few weeks, Winnie spent most of her time on my lap and at night, she lay right between my husband and I. She was a little insecure but soon realized that she was there to stay and we were going to go right on being there with her. About 2 years ago, I saw a post from ABF with a picture of “Winnie” but the title read that she was a “new addition”.  Believing that this must have been posted in error, I contacted them to see if this was an older picture of our Winnie that had somehow made its way onto Facebook.  I learned that it was not an error but that another little one had been found and that she had been named “Winnie” by the staff because she reminded them so much of our Winnie. Well, we just HAD to go meet her.  Although my family fell immediately in love with this little bundle of energy, I was not so sure.  Winnie had enjoyed being the only dog for many years and she was quite spoiled.  Loving her as much as I do, I did not want anything to upset her.  Her happiness was the most important thing.  Reluctantly, I agreed to a 2 week trial.  There was no denying that she was adorable and also loving and sweet when she could calm down for a few seconds to actually snuggle.  I tried my best to keep an emotional distance from her until I knew for sure that Winnie would accept her.  Of course, the first thing we had to do was rename her.  We couldn’t have 2 Winnies running about.  So, we named her Ellie Mae.  She needed a middle name so that I would have something to call her when she was in REAL trouble.  Thank goodness I did because that middle name is used often!  Her naughtiness is born out of happiness and exuberance, however, so no one gets truly mad at her for very long.  It took Winnie awhile to adjust to all the energy this new little one brought with her.  Sometimes Winnie has to put Ellie Mae in her “place” but Ellie is oblvious to it all and thinks it is a very fun game.  She is an annoying little sister to be sure but they get along wonderfully.  Winnie has found her “safe” spots and Ellie has learned to leave sister alone when she is in those spots. They sleep in different rooms and every morning when Winnie gets up the 1st thing she does is to go find sister.  Every morning they are excited to see each other.  My emotional distance has turned into a deep love for this little furry bundle of energy and Winnie is reassured daily that she is “my” dog and while they can be terribly jealous, they work it out peacefully.  We could not have asked for anything better. Special thanks go out to Diane and the whole ABF staff who were very patient with me as I worked through my concerns and fears of bringing a 2nd dog into our home.  The 2 week trial turned into a much longer trial as I was reluctant to say for certain that Ellie Mae was a “keeper”.  I cannot imagine our family now without her in it.  Thank you ABF!  The Beavers family


We wanted to share a picture of Abby with her brother Theo with you guys. We love Abby so much. She is the greatest addition to our family. We couldn't be happier with her. She is the sweetest puppy and we cannot believe how well behaved she is. She was the star of the two obedience classes we took her to. Her trainer wants her to become a therapy dog. She loves her "big" brother and going to doggy daycare. Thank you for our wonderful girl.  The Kuss family


We are so lucky and happy to have this sweetheart in our lives! She has been the perfect addition to our family. Keeta (Sara) pictured on the left, came to us just a few weeks ago and she is settling in great. She loves everyone she meets, especially her new pack mates Gypsy the cat and Rylee the beagle. Thank you so much for bringing this pretty girl to us. The Lollman family


I wanted to give Animals Best Friends an update and photo of our new member of the family, Penny.  Carolyn worked with me on this adoption around the time of Labor Day.  This little dog has become one of the most wonderful dogs! First, she is now fully house broken and now does her business outside. That was quite the journey, but we succeeded. She also has warmed the hearts of anyone that comes through the door. She runs to her crate when she wants a break and doesn't want anyone to bother her. She sleeps there at night and is comfortable with her surroundings.   Thank you Carolyn! You wouldn't recognize this dog if you saw her! She is so incredible!  The Johnson family


Starr was a little older than we had hoped, but once she got into the house I knew I would be keeping this dog.  There is a two week trial and if things didn't work out we could return her.  I didn't want any of that.  I just figured Starr was ours now and she would stay with us.  Starr is an older dog, quite a bit older - probably closer to 13 than 10.  Being a bigger dog, this age difference is huge.  I was cooking in the kitchen the other day for several hours and she sat next to me the entire time.  I think she was hoping for some food, but being older she just slept most of the time.  After about three weeks my youngest daughter came down the steps and sat down next to Starr by the front door and said "I love this big dog".  I knew then I had made the right decision to adopt Starr.  Since then Starr (aka Big Dog) has shown her personality and has become a member of the family.  Big Dog goes on short walks (same time every night because she knows when it's time), wrestles some in the living room with my son for fun.  Her walks are limited to 3/4 of a mile if its not too hot out.  She doesn't get much exercise, but I think she is getting what she needs.  The foster parent for the Big Dog had her for over two years.  I know that she was well taken care of and I could also tell that the foster parent was very sad to give her up.  I hope that she now knows the Big Dog is in good hands.  I don't know how long the Big Dog will last, I just don't know.  It could be five weeks, it could be two years.  I do know that she has brought happiness to our home and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Animals Best Friends is truly a life saver for many of these animals. 

A great organization to help those that can't help themselves.  The Smith family


In October of 2012, we decided that our beloved 7 year old black lab Mai needed a companion.  We discussed how we were going to do this, whether it be by adopting from a shelter, by looking in the newspaper, or online.  We decided that adopting from a shelter was the best choice, so we contacted Animals Best Friends.  We started a 2 week trial with a great puppy, but unfortunately it did not work out.  Our family was determined to find that perfect match.  In March of 2013, we saw Ellie’s picture on ABF’s website and we knew we had to meet her.  We met her and decided that we definitely wanted to start a 2 week trial with her.  The first day of the trial, we knew immediately that we wanted to make her a permanent part of our lives.  Ellie fit in with our crazy family from the start.  Ellie is a loving, funny, and very happy dog.  She has the most unique personality of any dog we have ever been around.  When you talk to her, she looks right at you, with one ear sticking straight up, as if she truly understands what you are saying.  When her family comes home from work or school or when anyone comes through the door, she raises up and leans her head on you as if to give you a big “hello” hug.  Ellie is incredibly smart to!  She figured out early on that for every time you go outside, you get a treat when you come back in.  She has also figured out that when the freezer door opens, you get an ice cube for a treat.  Ellie also likes to have fun and her energy level is extremely high! Being part Border Collie, she loves to herd the kids, their friends and even her new canine friend Mai.  Mai and even the kids don’t seem to mind.  They play tug of war and chase each other around the house. Mai even looks happier since Ellie has been in our home.  We couldn’t be more pleased and happy to have Ellie in our lives.  She is a perfect match for us!  Thank you so much to Animals Best Friends, Dianne, and especially to Shari and Holly for helping us find Ellie! 

The Chandler family


Things are going great for Cha Cha and us!  I am really glad that we chose her to be our forever dog.  She is very sweet and we love her.  She is about ready to complete her obedience course at PetSmart.  She is a smart girl and she already knew a lot of the material that they covered.  It has given us more confidence with her and has enhanced her abilities.  She loves to play with her toys and her favorite toy is still her little ball that she brought with her to our house.  She has yet to potty in the house and she never, ever tears anything up or even bothers anything she shouldn't.  She loves to go for long walks and we go several times a day... rolling in the grass is a favorite outdoor activity.  She is still not too keen on people she does not know, but she loves other dogs and she has canine friends here that she sees out on our walks.  She was apprehensive about her new Dad at first and he has been very patient with her.  It has paid off because now she is eager to jump on his lap in the morning to get rocked and get her first treat of the day.  We love our little doggie.  She is precious, definitely a keeper!  The Springer family


I would just like to thank you again for all the effort you put into caring for Max-- the German Shorthaired pointer we adopted. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He likes all the little creature conforts we are able to provide and he especially likes cuddling with my other gsp dog at night. (both sleep together with with me.) Plus, his "busy bones" that he loves to eat on the occasion I ever have to be gone from him. He's getting plenty of exercise with my other dog Petey and is consumed with hunting squirrels-- although he hasn't been able to nab one yet-- thankfully for that...... He has become very well adjusted and has thrived in health and happiness.  The Pickering family


     I wanted to update everyone there on Skippy.  He is so happy and funny! Always ready for action. Skippy is meeting everyone on our walks that we take twice a day and everyone marvels at his speed. I haven't figured out how he likes to play yet. He is scared of all the stuffed animals we have and of noisy toys. He is getting fond of the skin of a softball that we had laying around. As you can see from the picture, life isn't too hard here. Thanks for keeping him until we found him!  The Young family


Thought you would like to see Shorty playing with his toy. He has truly been a joy for us. I believe he is quite happy as he's spoiled rotten.

The Davis family




I am happy to report that Teddy is doing great. He and Bud are good friends now. I've attached some pictures. I would have more, but for some reason Teddy really doesn't like to have his picture taken. I'm guessing it's the flash, so we've discontinued using that. Teddy had his first visit to his new veterinarian. He is in great health, and now officially licensed as a Kansas Citian. We cannot thank you enough for the love that you show to all the animals that you care for. You are truly a blessing to those whose lives that you touch, as well as the entire community.  The Craven family


Back in January 2011, Mom Yvette took me on a ride to the city. None of my siblings were with me, but it was nice to be by myself. I wasn’t too sure where we were going because we stopped on the way and picked up Dianne, which was kind of strange. We headed south to Grandview, a place I had not been before. We pulled into the driveway of this really nice looking house. When I got out of the truck, I was a little scared since I really wasn’t sure where I was at. We walked up the stairs and Mom rang the doorbell. This lady opened the door and let us in. I was hesitant to go in because Mom always told me not to talk to strangers. I went up a few stairs into the living room. It certainly was a big place. I walked around for a few minutes just to see what was up, but I was still scared so I jumped up on the couch and sat next to Mom and Dianne. Mom told me to get down, but this nice lady, Peggy, said it was OK for me to stay where I was at. She said if I was going to be staying around for a couple of weeks, I had to be comfortable on my own. Peggy had some toys around, but I was not interested in playing. She did give me a treat which was pretty tasty. I let her pet me and stroke me and it seemed to be OK. She did tell me I looked very sweet. We walked around the house a bit so Mom and Dianne could see where I would be staying during the day, as well as the queen size bed Peggy was going to let me sleep in at night. All four of us went out in the back yard. I was sure surprised with the size of the yard, but it seemed it was plenty big to run around in, all by myself. We went back in the house and Mom and Dianne explained a few things to Peggy. Shortly afterwards Mom and Dianne walked down the stairs and left without me. I sat up on the couch, looked out the window and watched them drive off without me. Peggy took a couple of days off work to spend with me and get to know me. Then we had quite the snowstorm, so Peggy worked from home for a couple of extra days. That was just so cool!  The two-week trial had come and gone and Mom came back with adoption papers. Yes, that is right. Peggy loved me so very much she wanted to give me a home, a ‘furever’ home. She then changed my name from Cammy Sue to Snuggles.  Now it is two years later and I am enjoying life with my new Mom and my new home. We take walks almost every day and we go on rides every once in a while too. I still sleep in the queen size bed every night. I guess you could say I am one happy dog and not to say just a wee bit spoiled not only by Mom, but Mom’s friends too!       Written with love, from Snuggles.







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